Bio Fuel Plants

Bio Fuel Plants

Bio Fuel Plants

We offer a range of Bio Fuel solutions.

Solid bio fuel comes in a number of forms, including firewood, shavings, sawdust, wood chips, wood pallets, bark and other solid residues.

Wood fuel may be manufactured from forest harvest or wood processing plant residues.

Skookum has expert knowledge in processing, screening, storing, handling and burning solutions for the bio fuel industry.

With our expert knowledge of solid bio fuel systems we can engineer, design, supply, install and commission sustainable bio fuel systems.

Gasification Plants convert wood chips into a combustible synthesis gas through a thermochemical reaction in a multi-stage gasification process. The synthesis gas is in turn converted into thermal energy and mechanical energy in an internal combustion engine. The thermal energy becomes local heat, and the mechanical energy becomes electrical power in a generator. All in one and the same step, in one and the same facility. The fuel consists of wood chips from, for example, felling, residual wood, waste products from sawmills, untreated reclaimed wood and other solid wood. Suitable for example for larger farms, sports and spa facilities, hotel and restaurant companies or perhaps a smaller local district heating system that at the same time makes an effort for the environment!

We offer:

  • Wood Residues Bio Fuel Plants
  • Gasification Plants