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Weinig H22 BL Planer
Code: 2199

Weinig H22 BL 8 Heads, B,L,R,L,T,B,T,B B-Bottom T-Top L-Left R-Right The last bottom head was used for splitting - Manufactured 1985 - Mach# 1859-688


Name: Donna Neil

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
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Recent News
SKOOKUM has teamed up with Ledinek - the Worlds Leaders in Engineered Wood Products to now help offer you expert advise in the Engineered Wood Products Industry, whether it be Engineering, Design or Equipment.
With CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) leading the way in the Pre-Fabricated sector for inovative housing and multi-story buildings it is hard not to get caught up in the hype of this amazing product.
XLam (Cross Laminated Timber) – Prefabricated wooden walls, whole houses, Multi-story, everything is possible CLT is fabricated by gluing together layers of timber boards with structural adhesives. Each layer differs from the previous one regarding the orientation of the lamella which is alternating between longitudinal and transverse. The result is a solid timber panel that has shaken off many of the weaknesses that previous timber products had.
- Easy Construction with Finished, ready cut Elements delivered on site
- Proven Earthquake Performance
- Fire Resistant
- Made in Large Formats up to 2.95 x 16m
- Suitable for Multi Story Construction in Residential, commercial and Industrial Buildings
- Low Embodied Energy
- Thermally Efficient
- Recyclable and Biodegradable
- Renewable Resource
The LEDINEK and SKOOKUM partnership will help you create your Complete Engineered Wood Products Solution
We are your Partners for the implementation and support of your new product ideas, or providing established turnkey solutions. LEDINEK Engineering offers you complete solutions which incorporate all your interests and wishes.
Starting with round timber, to sawn timber and all the way to finished products, we offer you our production concepts for Planer Mills, Glulam Timber, Solid Construction Timber, Duo-, Trio Beams, Block House Elements, Profiled Timber, Laminated Panels, Window Scantlings and Parquetry.
We will design, develop, produce, assemble, and commission your production line. Education and advanced training of your personnel will be closely connected with commissioning and production start of the facility. In-depth consultation and project development together with our innovative solutions will always provide You a head-start over your competitors. Our technical know-how, many years of experience and wide product range of excellent products are your warranty for a right decision – LEDINEK Engineering.