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Veko Plan VAZ8070
Code: 2126

Vekoplan – Slow rotating shredder The Vekoplan is a slow rotating shredder (as shown in the photos), it has a large drop feed infeed opening. Vekoplan – Very good second hand Type: VAZ 80/70 Main motor: 11 kW Year: 2002 Includes electric cabinet


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Plywood | Veneer Drying Systems

Code: E-002
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  General Equipment  >  Plywood

The control and management of the heated airflow define the quality and consistency of the dried veneer and the cost effectiveness of the drying process.

Veneer Drying Overview:

There are two primary goals for a veneer drying system.  First, to consistently produce high quality veneer that has a uniform dry moisture content, an aesthetic appearance, and is supply enough to minimize damage during the stacking process.  Second, dry the veneer in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.  This implies using the least amount of thermal energy and producing a minimum of volume dryer exhaust.

PDF: Image_E-002_Veneer_Drying_Systems-96720

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