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HBS 840 Hogger
Code: 2129

HBS 840 Hogger Ex demonstration machine, like new Has been running approx. 25 hours Technical data: Capacity m³/h: 45 - 75 m³ Motor power: 45 - 75 kW Inlet: 840 x 670 mm Outlet: 780 x 715 mm Rotation speed: 1040 rpm Number of flails: 64


Name: Donna Neil

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Plywood | BlockPLUS™

Code: E-004
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  General Equipment  >  Plywood

Profile and Lathe Charger Control System

The most accurate block profile in the industry.
5-7% increase in throughput, and 2-3% increase in recovery.

BlockPLUS Overview:

Since the late 1800's Coe has been continually bringing innovative advancements to lathe technology.  That commitment to innovation continues with BlockPLUS, Profile and Lathe Charger Control System, another giant leap in the evolution of the lathe.  BlockPLUS exemplifies the coupling of technological innovation and extensive lathe experience with the result being a block profile defined with an accuracy second to none.  This new system allows us to provide details that go far beyond just measuring the general shape of a block.  Every minute surface detail is captured down to a fraction of an inch.

In the past a few data points, many inches apart, were all the information collected about a block.  Today, we can now profile a block with hundreds of precise measurements per square inch.  The enhanced profile definition 'directs' the lathe system to increase recovery and reduce the peeling cycle time.

PDF: Image_E-004_BlockPLUS™_Profile_and_Lathe_Charger_Control_System-96721

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