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Edwards Chip Screen
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Edwards Wood Chip Screen


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Plywood | Veneer Lathe Systems

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We invented the rotary lathe and have continued to lead the field with engineering innovations and technology advancements. No other lathe produces greater recovery, more throughput and higher quality veneer.

Veneer Lathe Overview:

Cost effective plywood manufacture is entirely dependent upon the timely supply of high quality, uniformly thick and smoothly peeled veneer.  The three critical issues are recover (% of usable veneer from the log), throughput (volume per hour), and veneer quality (a flat, polished, smooth surface with a minimum of grain pull and knife checking).

Veneer lathe systems from Coe Manufacturing provide the highest recovery, greatest throughput and highest quality veneer in the industry.  Coe has been the world's leader in veneer lathes since introducing the rotary lathe in 1870 and has installed over 1,200 lathes.  Over 90% veneer in North America is pealed on Coe lathes.

PDF: Image_E-004_BlockPLUS™_Profile_and_Lathe_Charger_Control_System-96722

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