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SOLD - Computermatic Stress Grader (Mk V) - SOLD
Code: 2193

The machine is designed to accept timber of a common cross section but random lengths (practical minimum 1.8m) and, in a single pass, allocate a strength grade.


Name: John McLachlan

Ph: +64 9 276 2402
Cell: +64 274 932 612
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Log Processing | SOLD - Log Sorting 2x18 - SOLD

Code: 3106
Category:  Sawmilling  >  Used Equipment  >  Log Processing

Log sorting line 2x18 boxes incl. Rema electronics.
1. Log deck.
2. Scraper conveyor and belt conveyors for cleaning under log deck.
3. Step feeder.
4. Log haul conveyor.
5. Metal detector with conveyor.
6. Sorting conveyor with 2 x 18 pockets.
7. Scanning equipment REMA LOG BARK including .
8. All electric, electronic and hydraulic equipment belonging to the line.

PDF: Image_3106-logsorting_2x18-UJ-63071

PDF: Image_Specification_log_sorting_line-63072

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