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Edwards Chip Screen
Code: 1403

Edwards Wood Chip Screen


Name: Jonathan McLachlan

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Reman General Equipment | Mann-Russell™

Code: CM-GS-01-E
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Remanufacturing  >  Reman General Equipment

Radio Frequency Gluing Systems

Cost-effective, high production of custom engineered wood products, in batch or continuous process

Mann-Russell RF Gluing Overview:

The growth of Radio Frequency (RF) Gluing has been a direct result of the wood industry's search for better methods of conservation and utilization of the raw materials available.  Coe Manufacturing's Mann-Russell product line was developed to serve those needs, and includes complete production lines for lumber edge gluing and laminating, glulam beam laminating, finger joint gluing and panel or scarf gluing.

PDF: Image_CM-GS-01-E-31403

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