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Debarkers | Air Bag Conversion Kit

Code: MA-29-EAirBagConversionKit
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Log Handling & Processing  >  Debarkers

USNR offers a conversion kit to modity your existing debarker rotor system to the Air Bag tensioning system.

This is a simple and cost effective conversion, providing you with a more efficient and reliable debarking system that requires less maintenance and in most cases, it's done without altering the original design of the rotor.

·        The Air Bay Conversion Kit fits rotor sizes 18”, 24” and 30”.  The Air Bay tensioning system is the standard tool tensioning system on all USNR Cambio-style and MV debarkers.

·        The simple design uses very few parts and requires less replacement parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

·        The system can be loaded with air in minutes, maximizing air-volume in the tanks to achieve a constant compression

·        Adjusting the system is quick and easy with interlinked air tanks that equalise the pressure between tools

·        Converting to an Air Bag tensioning system requires no modifications to the 24” and 30” debarker frames.  The 18” rotor requires a few hours of machining to match configurations

·        All pivot points are quipped with wear resistant Garmax® bushings that ensure uniform contact between pivot points.

·        An ultra strong, one-piece steel alloy tool lever is made for rugged and intensive operating conditions.


PDF: MA-29-EAirBagConversionKita

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