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Debarkers | Tenax Tool Tips

Code: MA-39-ETenaxToolTips
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Log Handling & Processing  >  Debarkers

Tenax Tool Tips offer a great selection of tips that provide high-performance and reliable debarking in extreme conditions, changing seasons and wood species.

Tenax Tool Tips are designed to enhance the geometry of the tool to obtain an optimal degree of debarking without damaging the fiber of the logs.  Each tool tip has distinct characteristics to achieve precise degrees of aggressiveness and durability.

All USNR tool tips are indexable so you get more work life from each tip.  When one face gets worn out, you can simply turn it and continue working, repeating the process until all sides are used.  USNR tool tips offer a quality to price ratio that enables you to achieve substantial savings according to the specific requirements relative to your working conditions.

Tenax Tool Tips are designed to fit USNR's Tenax Debarking System and come standard on all new USNR debarkers.  The system can also be retrofitted to any Cambio-style debarker.

Tenax Tool Tip Characteristics:

V2 The V2 tool tip is made from a steel alloy tip base with a tungsten carbide coating. It delivers optimal results in terms of durability. The aggressiveness of the V2 is average so that it may be used in normal operating conditions (40°C to -10°C).

V4 The V4 tool tip is made from a heat treated steel alloy forged tip base. It delivers an average durability which is proportional to its price. The aggressiveness of the V4 is excellent which make it a good choice in severe winter conditions (-10°C to -45°C).

V6 The V6 tool tip is made from a steel alloy tip base with a tungsten carbide coating. It delivers a better than average durability. The aggressiveness of the V6 is also better than average which can be used in normal to moderate working conditions (40°C to -15°C). V8 The V8 tool tip is made from a heat treated, superior forged steel alloy tip base. It has an excellent durability rating. The aggressiveness of the

V8 is optimal and is used in moderate to severe working conditions (-10°C to -45°C).

PDF: MA-39-ETenaxToolTips

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