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LSI Stacker
Code: 1394

LSI Stacking system including: Unscrambler Singulator High Low Chain Alternate ending Adjustable layer maker Layer forks Hoist Outfeed Packet Deck Electrics and controls Building The stacker and building is available for immediate sale and removal The plant is available for inspection and price is negotiable.


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Stackers | USNR Lunden Stacker

Code: E-018
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The USNR Lunden Stacker is the original automatic sticker stacker, imitated by many, but matched by none.  The Lunden Stacker System features stickers on the stacker forks and lumber on the stickers when the carriage cycles.  This results in packages of great uniformity with almost perfect sticker alignment, all with only a single operator.

USNR’s patented Quick-Cycle Stickering system is capable of achieving speeds of up to 18 cycles per minute, depending on package width.  One of the keys to this speed is the ability of the USNR system to reload the stickers while the carriage is depositing the previous course of lumber on the lift.

In addition to being the fastest automatic stickering stacker on the market, the USNR Lunden Stacker offers a host of other capabilities and options, including course-gapping, random-width pullback, sticker unloading (in case of a bowed sticker) and more.


Automatic stickering systems that use sticker magazines located above the lumber lift are imperfect, at best.  Some manufacturers have attempted to copy and design around USNR’s numerous stacker patents, but their designs invariably fall short in cycle time, durability of components and accuracy of sticker placement.  So if you want the best performing automatic stickering stacker, you want the USNR Lunden Stacker System with Quick-Cycle Stickering.

Main Advantages of the QCS System:

·          Faster cycle times while operating the sticker system at a slower speed

·          Forgiving loading and timing requirements make the system immune to chain stretch and other wear related issues

·          Accurate placement of stickers every time

·          Ability to unload sticks from trays in the event of a bent, broken, bowed or misplaced stick.





PDF: Image_E-018_Lunden_Stacker-96728

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