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Weinig Rondamat 934 Profile Grinder
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Circa 1998 Good used condition Manual included "As is, where is" condition


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Circular & Gang Saws | RoboGang™ Curve Sawing Gang

Code: E-094 RoboGang
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Secondary Breakdown  >  Circular & Gang Saws

RoboGang is the next step in the evolution of shape sawing designed by the pioneers of optimized curve sawing technology. The RoboGang concept allows high speed shape sawing in both horizontal and vertical orientation.

USNR has applied a new concept to numerically controlled shape sawing, the process of sawing cants along a computer-generated sawing path, with the development of the RoboGang.

In our conventional shape sawing system, the sawbox slews and skews as the cant is fed through.  In the RoboGang system, the sawbox is stationary and only the saw assembly moves to follow a path determined by the optimiser.


The RoboGang development applies the same concept as the RoboGuide system proven in the McGehee linear board edgers.  This concept articulates the saws on the guide shaft relative to a fixed pivot pin mounted in the guide shaft.  The articulation cylinder positions the end manifold, which steers the saw guides to the desired angle.  Guide clamping is achieved in the same method as the conventional shape sawing gang with the addition of universal joints to allow range of motion. 


By reducing the moving mass, faster setting speeds can be achieved, minimizing end gap between pieces.  This system is designed for both horizontal and vertical in-line applications.

Main Advantages of the QCS System:

·          Faster cycle times while operating the sticker system at a slower speed

·          Forgiving loading and timing requirements make the system immune to chain stretch and other wear related issues

·          Accurate placement of stickers every time

·          Ability to unload sticks from trays in the event of a bent, broken, bowed or misplaced stick.





PDF: Image_E-094_RoboGang-42457

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