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Bruks 820 CM Chipper
Code: 2184

BRUKS stationary drum chippers are processing different kinds of input materials, like logs, slabs, sawmill wastes, butt ends, veneer wastes and other industrial wood wastes in all wood industry segments.


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Circular & Gang Saws | Vertical Single / Double Arbor Gangs

Code: E-092 VSA-VDAGang
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Secondary Breakdown  >  Circular & Gang Saws

The VSA/VDA gang systems are designed to fit any gangsaw application. Built in the traditional USNR fashion, these vertical gangsaws are rugged, with easy to maintain and operate features. The many options offer customization to suit any sawmill’s particular needs.



·         VSAs from 4” to 8”

·         VDAs from 6” to 12”

·         McGehee guide lube system

·         Stub arbor or 3-bearing arbors

·         Aluminium guides with bolt on Babbitt pads

·         Replaceable arbor sleeves

·         All electric drives


·   Arbor motors above or below mill floor level

·   Door mounted arbor motors

·   Shifting saw bank to hide damaged saws

·   Dual saw zones with or without timber pocket

·   Center or linebar feed

·   Clam shell for servicing

·   Retec or Involute arbor spline

·   Future conversion to shape sawing RoboGang™

·   Automatic bearing lubrication

·   Pre-centering infeed

·   Separating outfeed

·   Top Chip head


PDF: Image_E-092_VSA-VDAGang-42454

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