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Circular & Gang Saws | VSS System

Code: E-025 VSS System
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Vertical Shape Sawing System

The VSS cuts along an optimised path to get the greatest number of high-quality boards out of every log.  The VSS follows the wood grain more accurately, resulting in higher quality lumber than a straight sawing system.  You also get longer boards, especially the sideboards, because the saws follow the natural curvature of the log.

Total Transition Control

From the log turner all the way though the gang outfeed, the USNR VSS System maintains positive transition control over the product.  There is no opportunity for slippage or other misalignment of the cant before it is cut into boards by the VSS unit itself.  Smart anvils follow the curvature of the cant as it passes the top and bottom drum-style chipping heads, resulting in accurate, finished lumber.


Greater Throughput


With the optional profiling shipping heads, the VSS takes a log and transforms it into boards ready for trimming in a single pass.  The system is designed to process up to 16 to 20 pieces per minute at feed speeds up to 550 fpm, depending on species and size.

Efficient Operation


The entire VSS System requires only a single operator, from bucked logs to boards.  Once the optimiser determines the best cutting solution, the system runs automatically.  Because the system doesn’t let go of the cants until after the last cut, there is much less opportunity for jams and other problems that the operator must fix.


Compact Design


The VSS unit itself occupies a surprisingly small footprint on the mill floor.  The vertical design places motors and hydraulic components up and out of the way, where they are less likely to be damaged by dust and debris.  The compact design also makes it much easier to fit the VSS system into an existing building without having to do major building modifications.


Easy Maintenance


The entire sawbox and outfeed slides out on round ways, providing smooth and complete access for saw and knife changes and other routine maintenance.


Valuable Investment


The VSS System provides a faster return on investment AND a lower installed cost compared to horizontal shape sawing systems.



PDF: Image_E-025_VSS_System-42459

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