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Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines - 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines
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Two Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines Two 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines


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Circular & Gang Saws | HSS System

Code: E-023 HSS System
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Horizontal Shape Sawing System

The USNR Horizontal Shape Sawing (HSS) system is the next generation of curve sawing technology that solves many of the problems associated with traditional curve sawing machines, including issues with accurace, recovery, overfeeding and control.

Unparalleled Curve Sawing Accuracy


This highly advanced system is able to accurately and efficiently produce the complex curve sawing solutions from today’s optimisers.  The result is consistently accurate lumber sizing.


Maximizes Recovery at High Feed Rates


Designed to accommodate cants up to 30” wide, the HSS can achieve a depth of cut up to 12”.  Using a chipper and gang combination, along with sophisticated control systems to position and move the chip heads and the saws, the system automatically achieves maximum recovery at high feed rates.




PDF: Image_E-023_HSS_System-42458

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