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Newnes 65 Bins Trim Sort Stack Line
Code: 1375

· Ex Planermill · Hemco Scanner · Hemco trimmer RH · Grade stamper · 65 Bay Bin Sorter · Soft Let Down Arms on Bins · Newnes Stacker, end squeeze · Packaging Station with Signode Strapper with a plastic head · New in 1989 · All package transfer equipment and operators control consoles · Some of the equipment has already been removed.


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Secondary | Optimized Curved Sawing Systems

Code: E-072 OptimizedCurveSawingSystems
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Scanning & Optimisation  >  Secondary

Curve sawing offers increased value, higher volume recovery, longer length side boards, and stronger lumber. Today’s advanced systems meet the challenges in speed, accuracy and recovery.

Leading Designs, Ongoing Evolution


The collaboration of Newnes Machine and McGehee Equipment in 1996 revolutionised and forever changed the processing of cants into lumber.  Experience and expertise combined with input from our customers, has resulted in a line of curve sawing solutions that have evolved over the years.  Our early systems continue to operate, meeting daily production requirements and recovery expectations.  New innovations in mechanical designs, optimisation and controls refine the process and increase the performance of our systems.


Our unique ability to offer complete systems from a single source, ongoing support, continuous upgrades and performance-enhancing improvements, is what sets us apart in the marketplace.  With 100+ systems in operation world wide, Newnes-McGehee is the most experienced supplier in the industry.


McGehee Gang


The revolutionary design of the McGehee curve sawing gang features the skewing and slewing CNC saw module.  This allows the saw cluster to move side-to-side (slew) and pivot (skew) to match the curve of the cant.


Gang Features:

·         Chipping heads are located ahead of the saws and develop the face on the side boards

·         The infeed and outfeed sections use heavy, driven feed rolls or chain beds to stabilize the cant during processing

·         Single arbor, double arbor and multiple saw zones are available to accommodate varying product requirements

·         A clamshell opening and moving saw box create easy access for maintenance and saw changes.

·         Horizontal arbor curve saw gangs are available in these configurations:

s         GEN1 double arbor and bottom arbor

s         GEN11 double arbor and bottom arbor


GEN1 was the original McGehee design.  GEN11 offers some enhanced features; cants are centered on the scan belt and can be fed from both sides.  Both bottom arbor designs are small, high speed units for a maximum 6” depth of cut, with a direct coupled 3600 rpm arbor motor.


Other curve sawing gangs include Vertical Single Arbor (VSA), Vertical Double Arbor (VDA and horizontal RoboGang.




PDF: Image_E-072_OptimizedCurveSawingSystems-42455

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