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Weinig H22 BL Planer
Code: 2199

Weinig H22 BL 8 Heads, B,L,R,L,T,B,T,B B-Bottom T-Top L-Left R-Right The last bottom head was used for splitting - Manufactured 1985 - Mach# 1859-688


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Secondary | MillExpert Trimmer Optimizer System

Code: OP-20-ETrimmer
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Scanning & Optimisation  >  Secondary

Full coverage, high-density 3D scanning and many configurable options offer superior board control.

Combining dense 3D scan data with the power of today's gigh-speed computers, the MillExpert Trimmer Optimiser lets you get the maximum value from every board.  Controlling trimmer flow and actuating trim decisions is key.


The system gives you control over how your boards are trimmed and handled.  A wide array of features lets you configure and customize your system for maximum recovery, superior board control and ease of use.  Configurable options include settings for exact saw locations, actual trim lengths, optimiser minimum product length allowed, compound wane rules, planer mill trimmer limit switch locations and cosmetic trimming, to name a few.


High-performance 3D TriCam sensors provide unparalleled data density and accuracy, collecting full coverage scans with essentially no gaps in the data.  Auto calibration, dynamic tuning and sophisticated diagnostics are all part of this complete solution.


Board Control Features


·         Detailed wane definitions:

s         Allows precise conformance to corporate or industry grading standards – for example, SPIB, NGR or NLGA.

s         Four and six point wane modeling.

s         Wane can be defined as percentage of wane or percentage of “good wood.”

s         Primary and secondary wane rules or equivalent wane rules.

s         Sophisticated compound wane rules and saddle wane (dip) fully supported.

·         Visible wane or board-in-board wane – configurable by board product – allows handling products to be planed and sold rough with the setup.

·         Flexible control over grade hierarchies allows precise definition of complicated relationships between grades, allowing better value out of each board.

·         Full support for random width and random length products

·         Extra parameters control requirements for board ends – Includes precision end trim (cut-to-length).  Allows cosmetic control over board appearance for more appealing lumber packages.

·         Fully optimised cut in two decisions – Longer pieces can be sent to the planer allowing decisions about the most valuable length for a board to be made as far downstream as possible.

·         Able to define trim block by-products, with precise control over trim block sizes/placement – Allows fitting of specialty recovery products, such as industrial shorts, finger-joint stock or dunnage.  These products are considered for fitting during the optimisation, maximizing the value of each board.

·         Rip logic support – Supports side-by-side compound board fitting for reman or export products.

·         Supports multiple grade zones in each board – Optimiser decisions take into account high-precision dimensional grade information from various sources including scan data, operator input and graders’ marks through an automatic grade reader and other external systems like stress rating machines, the PLC and the operator’s console.

·         Fully customizable – Lets you work with the software in a way that reflects your mill, renaming items in the user interface to match your mill’s terminology and display lists of products on-screen sorted the way you expect them.

·         Precise control over fence positioning – Controls travel toward and away from the saws, specifies fence travel increments, limitations on fence movements for reduced mechanical wear.



PDF: OP-20-ETrimmer

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