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Edwards Chip Screen
Code: 1403

Edwards Wood Chip Screen


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Secondary | MillExpert Edger Optimizer System

Code: OP-18-EEdger
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Scanning & Optimisation  >  Secondary

Full coverage, high-density 3D scanning for lineal and transverse applications

Advanced capabilities include dimension and random width solutions including trim save options.  The completely configurable software includes parameters for multiple saws, chipper combinations, chip limit controls and value optimisation on both lineal and transverse machine applications.


Configurable to Model Machinery


Includes parameters to model:

·               All saw and chipper combination

·               Wane-up or wane-down processing including end wane and skip

·               Trim save

·               Multi-board optimisation, including compound boards

·               Edgers with 2 to 8 saws, fixed spacing or moveable including slewing

·               Edgers that set on the fly

·               Skewing and non-skewing infeed edgers

·               Edgers with 2 to 8 pins, upstream or downstream

·               Left or right infeed systems on lineal or transverse applications

·               Side chipper and top head processing

·               Reman detection


Detailed Product Description Entry Windows


·               Offers unlimited number of products with up to 16 lengths per product

·               4, 5, 6 and 8-point wane models, including visible and secondary wane, with graphical representation of each product

·               Quick cutplan change and board product activation

·               User controlled pricing tables


System Fine-Tuning


Includes parameters to specify:

·               Chip limits

·               Maximum amount of skip allowed

·               Number of possible skew orientations for the optimiser to consider

·               Whether decisions optimise for value

·               Detailed cutting rules

·               Custom scaling table to control random width solutions


Configurable Optimisation Platform


Products can be classed to fit a flitch description and each class of products can be treated differently based on variable such as:

·               Whether or not products of different thicknesses are allowed in the same solution

·               The number of boards allowed in the class

·               Compensation for manufacturing inaccuracies

·               Length and width resolution





PDF: OP-18-EEdger

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