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IWD Tital VK-10 Strapping Machine
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AUD $22,000 SPECIAL Strapping Machine, Height 3400mm - Width 2100mm


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Secondary | Smart TriCam™ Transverse Scanning System

Code: OP-05-ESmartTriCamTransverse
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Most accurate and highest-density 3D transverse scanning system in the industry


Smart TriCam transverse scanning systems give your sawmill high-density, accurate profile measurements of objects moving transversely through a set of scanners.  Smart TriCam sensors are available in single and dual laser line models.  The complete system is made up of the sensors and support electronics required to scan the 3D shape and surface features of cants, flitches and boards.  This canning system is ideally suited for:  transverse cant optimisers, edgers, trimmers and planer mill optimisers.


Sensor arrangement


Transverse TriCam sensor systems use essentially the same technology as lineal TriCam sensor systems, except that the scanner heads are arranged in a row, instead of a “doughnut”.


The lasers are turned at a 60º angle to the flow of the lumber, creating a series of laser planes that are projected at an angle across the lumber.  As the wood is carried through the scan zone on the chain races, the diagonal laser plane “wipes” a section of the lumber (approximately two feet of the length) with laser light.  While this takes place, an X-Y area camera records multiple images that are transmitted tot the optimisation computer.  The result is a multitude of precise cross-sectional measurements in a series across the wood, which are converted into the exact lumber shape.


Advantages of Transverse Smart TriCam sensors


This powerful technology provides several key advantages:

·         The scan image of the lumber is very complete

·         End definition of the lumber (critical in establishing the length of the piece accurately) is more detailed than other scanning methods

·         Short wane dips in the wood can be measured (these are often not detected by a traditional point source laser system because the wane dips may pass between laser dots)

·         Edge definition (traditionally measured with light curtains supplementing point laser scanning) is more detailed than with simple photocell measurement



PDF: OP-05-ESmartTriCamTransverse

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