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SOLD - Computermatic Stress Grader (Mk IV) - SOLD
Code: 2192

This machine is designed to accept timber of a common cross section but random lengths (practical minimum 1.8m) and, in a single pass, allocate a strength grade.


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Secondary | Sawmill BioScan System

Code: NM-OP-06-ESawmillBioScanSystem
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Trimmer and Edger Defect Scanning

Highest value optimized decisions with proven grade and recovery performance based on visual defect detection, rules based classification and highly accurate geometric measurements.

Sawmill BioScan Overview


Geometric edger and trimmer optimisation uses proven and reliable ‘Newnes’ True Differential Thickness Measurement (TDTM®) laser profile sensing technology.  Today’s demands for increased recovery, faster throughput, lower cost and higher grade extraction require more than geometric – based decisions.  The Sawmill BioScan System now takes the next evolutionary step.  It is an optimiser that makes value decisions driven by the accurate detection of natural and manufacturing defects, using a combination of geometric optimisation and visual defect scanning.


The Sawmill BioScan offers the fastest defect extraction speed, highest image resolution and most comprehensive defect recognition capability in the industry. The modular design allows you to implement this capability in phases starting with geometric scanning only.  Or gain the added benefits never before available with geometric scanning by installing the fully configured system right from the start,


Increased Grade, Recovery & Value / Never Before Available


Increasing recovery requires decisions and actions based on the variables that affect the ultimate grade of the wood.  Trim or edge with confidence in the final appearance grade of the piece.  Applying BioScan technology in the sawmill increases your finished grade outturn and recovery, therefore increasing your total value.


Edger grade extraction provides value through re-manufacture of rip based on the ultimate grade of the wood.  For example a #3 appearance due to knots can be edged to #3 wane with confidence, thereby maximizing recovery.  Likewise, a low grad 2x8 may be worth more as two 2x4s, one of them being high grade.


Trimmer grade extraction lets you cut-in-two allowing a short, high grade piece without trimloss.  ‘Candidate’ trim stock meeting specified characteristics for wane, knots and splits can be targeted and sorted/routed differently for further unique action downstream in the process.  For example, by sorting for grade at the trimmer, you can take advantage of more efficient drying cycles for high grade products.




PDF: NM-OP-06-ESawmillBioScanSystem

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