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Bruks 820 CM Chipper
Code: 2184

BRUKS stationary drum chippers are processing different kinds of input materials, like logs, slabs, sawmill wastes, butt ends, veneer wastes and other industrial wood wastes in all wood industry segments.


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Primary | MillWide End-Dogging Carriage Optimiser System

Code: OP-21-EEDCCarriage
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Scanning & Optimisation  >  Primary

Simultaneous 3D front and back side scanning for hardwood and softwood applications

The LASARTM based End-Dogging Carriage optimiser combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high-speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every log.

With simultaneous front and back side scanning and unparalleled accuracy and data density, the system sets a new standard in performance.  It’s the only system capable of full log breakdown grade sawing and can also be configured for MOF (minimum opening face) in hardwood applications.


The System provides detailed breakdown rules that can be set for each species and fiber class along with other options including configurable face cut orders, configurable minimum opening face sizes and lengths, half taper, full taper and no taper options.



Software Features


Special features to support end-dogging machines

·         Optimised log rotation with 4-sided solutions

·         Rotating dogs supported with configurable degrees of rotation

·         Rotating charging yokes supported

·         Precise control over solution asymmetry – overall and pass-by-pass

·         Supports full-profile sawguide height control

·         Full support for single-cut and double-cut pass penalties

·         Optimised horizontal and vertical skewing with controllable feed speeds

Automatic log classification with detection of sweep, flare, knots and kink

·         Log class selects breakdown method – can be overridden by operator at any point

·         Fully configurable whole-log breakdown means more consistency operator to operator

Grade zone prediction within logs

·         Interior grade zone modeling offers full-log breakdown while grade sawing

Rescans any face at any time

·         If the grade changes, operator can request a new solution for the remainder of the log


PDF: OP-21-EEDCCarriage

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