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BM&M Wood Chip Screen
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BM&M Wood Chip Screen (2x available) Purchased 1996


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Primary | MillWide Carriage Optimizer System

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Simultaneous 3D front and back side scanning for hardwood and softwood applications.

The LASARTM based MillWide Carriage Optimiser combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today's high-speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every log.

With simultaneous front and back side scanning and unparalleled accuracy and data density, the system sets a new standard in performance.  It’s the only system capable of full log breakdown grade sawing and can also be configured for MOF (minimum opening face) in hardwood applications.


The System provides detailed breakdown rules that can be set for each species and fiber class along with other options including configurable face cut orders, configurable minimum opening face sizes and lengths, half taper, full taper and no taper options.



LASAR Features


Up to 300 degrees of log coverage, front and back, with a dense data blanket, not sparse scan lines (tens of thousands of data points from the backside alone)

·         Generates real data for the back side of the log – instead of assumptions based only on knee positions, as in systems with less advanced sensors

·         Seeing the whole log allows more accurate product fits on the front and back of the log, leading to better recovery

·         Significantly reduces false lines and missed faces

·         The only proven front and back Carriage scanning system (over 40 systems installed)

Scans full 3D image of the entire stem in one place, even very crooked and swept stems

·         Dead-on opening faces – especially on small, rough logs

·         True, best opening face solutions with one scan

·         Log lengths detected to ½” – no need to move the carriage to get the log length

Highly accurate sensor system with dense data sampling

·         Log diameters with 0.125” with single point resolution of 0.036”

·         Better detection of sweep, taper, ovality and defects


PDF: OP-16-ECarriage

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