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Opticut S50
Code: 1411

With the OptiCut S50 you will enter a new level of efficiency. The ability to automatically cut out the defects by simply marking the waste sections. The software will optimise the remaining material for the best solution from your cut list and achieve the highest yield possible. From small pre-finished products up to big, wide and heavy beams, you can cut just one board, or an entire production run of different sizes with absolutely no changeover time or tools. Efficiency and safety for now, and for the future - you can adapt Opticut S50 to your requirements now and retrofit it step by step at any time - into a complete crosscut center


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Primary | Optimization from Bucking to Grading

Code: NM-OP-01-EOptimization
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Scanning & Optimisation  >  Primary

Our comprehensive suite of integrated optimisation systems harnesses technology to create innovative solutions that satisfy today's requirements and set the stage to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Integration is Key to Success

Newnes-McGehee (NM) is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of optimisation solutions for every machine center in the process.  NM’s history in optimisation spans over 20 years with more than 700 optimised systems operating world wide.  Integration is a key element to our success.  As an OEM to the solid wood processing industry, NM manufactures and supplies complete systems that comprise mechanical, controls and optimisation.  Today we have systems operating in North and South America, Europe, Russia, the British Isles and Australasia.  NM optimisation is designed to focus on value, recovery, throughput and reliability, to help you keep ace and effectively compete in a global marketplace.

Benefit of a Single Suppler

Offering a wide range of optimisation allows commonality among technologies and a common user interface.  Our customers benefit by more accurate and precise optimisation solutions, a more diverse feature set, better support and service, fewer required critical spare parts and reduced training.  Systems that “speak the same language: mean less downtime and fewer errors.  The modularity of our systems provides virtually limitless opportunity for upgrades; once you make the initial capital investment you can count on the ability to keep pace with technology through future upgrades and enhancements.

NM develops and manufactures many of the sensors and components that go in our optimisation systems.  This allows us to continuously enhance proven technology and leverage it across various machine centers and processes.  It also ensures control of quality and less frequent obsolescence.

Our large installed base means we have more experience than most.  Our systems are operating in many markets and under many differing environmental conditions.  We are committed to support our systems wherever they exist, though modem and high speed internet connections.

NM optimisation is based on knowledge and experience.  You can be confident our systems will meet your needs today and for many years to come.


PDF: NM-OP-01-EOptimization

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