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6 Tonne Tilt Hoist
Code: 1408

Please find attached photos of our 6 Tonne Tilt Hoist. Pack Height - 1.2 Pack Width - 1.2 Pack Length - 6.1 New Electrics Unit New Fillet removal belt.


Name: Geoff Strang

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Information Systems | Millwide Web System

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Data Mining and Distribution System Provides Instant Analysis of Profit and Loss Centers

Advanced Web Browser


The MillWide Web uses advanced web browser technology to give you instant access to up-to-the-minute reports and data for all your optimised machine centers, coupled with powerful new reporting capabilities to help you monitor key operating characteristics of the mill.


Reporting Features


More than 100 reports are currently available.  The reports can be refreshed with new optimiser data at any interval you choose.  If data values go above or below thresholds you set, alarms will be generated – including on-screen visual flags, pager messages and e-mail messages.

Because MillWide Web is accessed by your web browser, anyone with the appropriate security privileges and access rights and a web browser can monitor current plant information and produce reports.  You can monitor your sawmill from anywhere in the mill – or anywhere in the world.  And, with a click, you can e-mail MillWide Web’s reports and data to anyone.


Easy to Install & Maintain

·         MillWide Web runs on its own server computer connected to the plant local area network.  No need to install additional software on any other computer.

·         Uses information stored in the USNR sawmill production databases, which reside on the server.  This ensures no conflicts with existing optimisation computers.

·         MillWide Web is configured to connect to USNR optimisers, but can also be configured to connect to optimisation systems from other suppliers.  This allows the sawmill to create a mill wide reporting system without having to replace existing software systems currently running in the plant.


PDF: OP-14-EMillWideWeb

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