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Newnes 65 Bins Trim Sort Stack Line
Code: 1375

· Ex Planermill · Hemco Scanner · Hemco trimmer RH · Grade stamper · 65 Bay Bin Sorter · Soft Let Down Arms on Bins · Newnes Stacker, end squeeze · Packaging Station with Signode Strapper with a plastic head · New in 1989 · All package transfer equipment and operators control consoles · Some of the equipment has already been removed.


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Control Systems | MillWide Control Systems

Code: OP-07-EMillWideControlSystems
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Scanning & Optimisation  >  Control Systems

USNR Control Systems feature the extremely efficient Factory Wired System (FWS) of distributed I/O

USNR's Factory Wired System (FWS) is a revolutionary PLC system based on a distributed I/O system architecture.  The system uses Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Architecture and the Delta RMC100 Motion Controller in a pre-wired modular architecture, which eliminates more than 90% of the traditional electrical field wiring required by the customer.

All photo cells and devices come pre-wired to remote I/O that is attached directly to the machine segments when they are delivered to your facility.  Electrical contractor wiring is only required for Ethernet cabling and 120 volt cabling to each of the I/O boxes located on the machine.  This new smart architecture provides key advantages over other systems.


Advantages of the USNR FWS Control System


·         Significantly reduces electrical contractor costs for installation

·         I/O and devices are pre-tested at USNR for correct operation

·         Almost completely eliminates the start up time required for I/O check out

·         Allows checkout of mechanical segments as soon as they are installed and plumbed

·         Easier fault diagnostics and quicker repair of problems

·         Faster startup times by eliminating untested equipment or equipment improperly wired during installation


PDF: OP-07-EMillWideControlSystems

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