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HBS 840 Hogger
Code: 2129

HBS 840 Hogger Ex demonstration machine, like new Has been running approx. 25 hours Technical data: Capacity m³/h: 45 - 75 m³ Motor power: 45 - 75 kW Inlet: 840 x 670 mm Outlet: 780 x 715 mm Rotation speed: 1040 rpm Number of flails: 64


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Slabbers & Canters | True Flow Knife System

Code: MA-10-ETrueFlowConical
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Conical Chipper Head Knife

USNR's True flow high-performance knife system is an outstanding alternative for either drumstyle or conical chipper heads.

The True Flow knife system was designed using sophisticated 3D solid modelling CAD software, resulting in a chipping system that is optimised for high-quality chips and low operating costs.


The True Flow system is the culmination of decades of chipping system design experience: in fact, USNR was a pioneer in developing modern chipping technology.  Learning from the lessons manufacturing and servicing the CM&E, Kockums Cancar and Forano shippers of yesteryear, USNR’s engineers created the new True Flow system from the ground up, incorporating features our competitors are still trying to understand and copy.


The True Flow knife system can be retrofitted to chippers from practically any manufacturer and is standard on all new USNR chippers.  With a long list of satisfied users, the True Flow system is the chipper knife system that makes sense.


PDF: MA-10-ETrueFlowConical

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