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Weinig Rondamat 934 Profile Grinder
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Circa 1998 Good used condition Manual included "As is, where is" condition


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Infeeds & Outfeeds | Log Positioning Infeed

Code: E-099 SL3000 LogPositioningInfeed
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The log positioning infeed system accurately determines the shape of the log, calculates the highest-value cutting solution, then accurately rotates, positions and transports the log through the cutting tools.

Accurate Scan and Optimisation

Logs are initially loaded onto a X-flight chain and transported through a 3D scanner containing special purpose 450 Hz sensors.  High density scan data describes the entire log’s surface for optimisation.  Computers evaluate thousands of possible sawing solutions using cant, edger and trim logic to determine the high value cutting decision.

Log Positioning

Once the optimal cutting solution is determined, the log is accurately turned using our advanced rotation system and the slew and skew positioning rolls orient the log so the centre line of the solution is positioned directly over the sharp chain.  With the Log Positioning Infeed only the log is moved to its proper position, not the entire transport assembly.


Only a small percentage of the actual surface of the log is required for accurately positioning and the placement of the log on to the sharp chain.  With this approach, defects and irregular surfaces do not disrupt proper positioning.  Once the log is positioned, it is impaled on a sharp chain.  This provides greater stability and more reliable transport than a step flight chain system.  The log stays on the same continuous sharp chain throughout the remainder of the cutting process.  There are no transitions from one chain to another which introduce log displacement and positioning errors.

PDF: Image_E-099_SL3000_LogPositioningInfeed-42429

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