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Ledinek X-Press
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Ledinek X-PRESS Rediscover wood construction. Prefabricated wooden walls, roofs, whole houses, everything is possible. Make a step into the future of construction with our new X-PRESS.


Name: Donna Neil

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Infeeds & Outfeeds | CNS Conversions

Code: MA-41-ECNSConversions
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Primary Breakdown  >  Infeeds & Outfeeds

USNR offers a number of C-N-S conversions including Quad Spike Rolls, True Flow Knives, Top and Side head Round Slideways and Precision Vee-Flat Flighted Chain Upgrades

Quad Spike Roll Upgrade


·         Hydraulic linear positioners, complete with air cushion, provide extremely accurate positioning of the rolls for optimal control

·         Reduces surging caused by overfeeding

·         Drives are mounted up and out of the way to reduce the amount of moveable mass, which results in a faster, smoother operating machine

·         Rolls are available in spiked or non-penetrating knurl


Precision Vee-Flat Flighted Chain Upgrade

  • Provides the ultimate in straight-line tracking, even as system components wear
  • Narrow profile chain allows for a wider scanning field of view
  • Based on the high-strength steel alloy Max MRB-124 welded steel roller chain
  • Guides are made from a light-weight, high-strength, corrosion and impact-resistant self-lubricating polymer compound for easy installation and long service life

True Flow Knife Upgrade


  • Overfeed through the chipper is limited, starting at the knife clamp, resulting in smooth feeds
  • Chrome-plated wear area extends the life of the knife holder
  • All knives are heat-treated and ground to precision tolerances using only the finest chipper knife steel
  • Interchangeable knife seats allow for quick and easy adjustment of chip thickness
  • Easily accepts either babbitted or dual-edge babbittless replacement chipper knives (just change the knife clamps)
  • Can be retrofitted to any Chip-N-Saw
  • Available for conical or drum-style chip heads, custom designed for any application

 Top & Side-head Round-way Upgrade


  • Roundways are made with high quality chromed and ground shafting and require no adjustments
  • Very low maintenance
  • Specialised slide bushings have exceptional wear quality
  • Maintains greater accuracy even as system components wear
  • Auto-lubrication included


PDF: MA-41-ECNSConversionsa

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