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Infeeds & Outfeeds | Sharp Chain Infeed

Code: Sharp-Chain-Infeed
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USNR sharp chain systems are designed to maximize chain life and minimize operating costs. When you’re comparing sharp chain systems there are three things you should consider: performance, durability, and operating cost. USNR sharp chain systems deliver them all.

Application Variables


The type of chain, guides and sprockets used will depend on the type of infeed chosen.

USNR have devoted years to perfecting chain designs for various sharp chain applications as well as streamlining all the supporting systems required to maximize system life and minimize your operating costs.

  • Lineal feeding mechanism ensures log stability through the cutting tools
  • Long chain life
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-contained lubrication system
 System Components
  • Chain and chain guides
  • Replaceable-teeth drive sprockets
  • Simple lubrication system
  • Chain tensioner system
  • Alignment fixtures
 Chain and Dogging Links
  • Chain types include 4” pitch impaling chain and 2” pitch non-impaling chain
  • Non-impaling chain is used to provide a reference surface line for the bottom of the log in cases where bottom faces or 4-sided cants are being made
  • Investment casting process gives smoother cast surfaces, which means less wear on sprocket teeth
  • Trapezoidal dog links have a larger bearing area than traditional rectangular links for longer chain life
  • The log dog is heat-treated cast steel with chrome-plated and induction hardened pins
  • Spike point dogs are standard, but several other tip configurations are available as options
 Connecting Links
  • Center links are machined from high-strength 4340 steel alloy
  • Lubrication holes keep pivot pins well lubricated for to longer service life
  • Pivot pins are induction hardened and chrome plated to make a hard, smooth contact surface
 Replaceable-Teeth Drive Sprocket
  • We developed a drive sprocket with replaceable teeth segments to dramatically reduce maintenance time and associated costs of this wear item
  • Reduces labor required to replace the sprocket - one man, no crane
  • Costs less since the bearings don’t need to be replaced
  • Sprocket teeth get replaced more often making the chain last longer
  • Teeth segments are reversible if wear is only present on one side
  • Precision-machined steel sprockets are also available with flame-hardened teeth to extend the life of the chain
 Chain Guide Bar and Slide Rail
  • High-strength heat-treated steel chain guides are machined to keep chain tracking straight and true
  • Slide rail is manufactured either from high-strength steel, or from a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion- and impact-resistant, self-lubricating polymer for quieter performance and reduced wear on chain links
  • Return rail is also made from polymer for reduced chain wear
 Simple, Effective Lubrication System
  • Because this system has its own tank, it can use a light penetrating oil for the chain, and a thicker bar and chain oil for the slide rails achieving consistent and effective chain lubrication
  • Alignment fixtures and chain tensioner system are also included



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