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Circular Saws | SL2500 Small Log Processor

Code: E-085 SL2500SmallLogProcessor
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Primary Breakdown  >  Circular Saws

USNR's small log processing systems offer production rates and accuracy for today's competitive processors.  As a single source supplier, USNR provides and supports true shape scanning, intuitive controls and robust mechanical components in fully integrated systems.

Logs to Lumber in a Single Pass

The SL2500’s design with its unique profiling section will produce a wide variety of products in a single pass.  It has the ability to profile and saw compound/complex curves.  An additional saw section can be added to provide for side board production.

Our small log processors use the same components and optimisation as our proven primary breakdown systems.  Curve sawing gang, edger and trimmer optimisation algorithms are built into the system’s optimiser to ensure the resulting manufactured products are maximized for recovery.

How it Works

Advancements in the SL2500’s profiling and curve sawing section have revolutionized small log processing.

The SL2500 features the unique patented RoboGang™ vertical arbor curve sawing gang.  The single true-shape scanner makes the rotation and cut decisions.  The vertical 4-roll turner accurately turns the logs ‘horns’ down.  Side chipping heads produce high quality chips and create a superior surface finish on the piece.  Profiling allows top and bottom boards to be offset, if needed.  Logs are shape sawn to suit the sweep of each log, with either 6” or 8” VSS RoboGang™ saws.  The finished lumber requires only end trimming.

THe small log processor uses the same components and optimisation as our proven primary breakdown systems.  Our optimisation software is designed for ease of use.  Many years of experience in developing software matched to our customers’ needs results in a package that is intuitive and rich with features.

The SL2500-SB is a variation of the system that processes logs to finished lumber and side boards, which require edging.

PDF: Image_E-085_SL2500SmallLogProcessor-42428

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