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6 Tonne Tilt Hoist
Code: 1408

Please find attached photos of our 6 Tonne Tilt Hoist. Pack Height - 1.2 Pack Width - 1.2 Pack Length - 6.1 New Electrics Unit New Fillet removal belt.


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Carriages | USNR Carriage

Code: E-020 USNR Carriage
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Primary Breakdown  >  Carriages

Heavy Duty Construction

USNR Log Carriages continue a long-established tradition of superior construction that stands up to the most demanding sawmill environment.

Smart Design

The system uses servo-controlled linear positioners for precise knee alignment and features straight line positive dogging to eliminate potential miscuts.  The controls are ready for 2D or 3D scanning systems thus enabling USRN carriages to achieve advanced sawing accuracy combined with higher recovery.

Excellent Value

USNR is your single source supplier for complete carriage systems.  USRN designs, manufactures and services all mechanical parts, electrical systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, scanning and optimisation systems and supplies original replacement parts.  We do it all.

Design Features and Benefits

·         Knees and axles are keyed to the frame for a perfect and reliable alignment.

·         All welded components are heat stress relieved.

·         All moving and contact parts are replaceable and easily accessible of maintenance functions.

·         Straight line positive dogging uses bolt-on T-1 tips.  The Forano carriage has a 2½” bore cylinder for dogging.  We also offer a heavier duty knee with a 3¼” bore cylinder.

·         Automatic cinch-back dogging pulls the cant against the face of the knee.  Forano carriages also have a unique equalizing feature that ensures the top and the bottom of the cant is securely pressed against the knee face to avoid miscuts.

·         Positioning cylinders are mounted inside the headblock to minimize carriage width and remain protected yet accessible.

·         High precision knees move at 20 in/sec on replaceable slides which are set far apart for greater stability.

·         The motion controller and the PLC feature standard components which are accessible via modern for remote troubleshooting.

·         The electronic motion controller is located inside a panel on the carriage.  It uses a remote I/O device to reduce the amount of wiring and simplify maintenance and troubleshooting.

Configurable Options

·         Choose from 2 to 5 knees with displacements of 30”, 36” or 42”.  You can also choose between a straight headblock or a 17º headblock.

·         Onboard log turning with either pneumatic cant turners or hydraulic chain turners.

·         A choice of board kickers and flippers

·         Track options include Vee-Flat or Round-Flat with forged steel wheels or wheels with plastic inserts.

·         Automatic lubrication system.

·         Controls are compatible with USNR’s 3D LASAR front and backside scanning systems as well as 2D light curtain systems.



PDF: Image_E-020_USNR_Carriage-42453

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