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Opticut S50
Code: 1411

With the OptiCut S50 you will enter a new level of efficiency. The ability to automatically cut out the defects by simply marking the waste sections. The software will optimise the remaining material for the best solution from your cut list and achieve the highest yield possible. From small pre-finished products up to big, wide and heavy beams, you can cut just one board, or an entire production run of different sizes with absolutely no changeover time or tools. Efficiency and safety for now, and for the future - you can adapt Opticut S50 to your requirements now and retrofit it step by step at any time - into a complete crosscut center


Name: Geoff Strang

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Bandmills | High Strain Twin/Quad Bandmills

Code: NM-MA-30-ETwin-QuadBandmills
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Primary Breakdown  >  Bandmills

Newnes-McGehee has developed simple, yet multi-functional high strain bandmills to meet any application for double length infeeds, sharp chain systems and resaws.  These bandmills offer high accuracy and maximum production, yet the simple design assures minimum maintenance.  They are available to suit single, twin quad and horizontal applications, with 5' or 6' overhung wheels.  The bandmills are available as fixed or seeting units.


Overhung Wheels

Overhung wheels allow close saw positioning for improved accuracy in multiple bandmill applications.  Both top and bottom solid web wheels are offered in cast ductile iron or fabricated steel and are dynamically balanced to eliminate vibration.

Simple Strain System

Designed for 40,000# strain, the reliable and low maintenance system has good response and dampening properties.  This system is complete with remote digital electronic strain readout with limits to prevent over/under strain.  The self-contained hydraulic power pack operates the wheel lift cylinder for strain and also wheel tilt and guard.


Setting bandmills have replaceable vee and flatways and offer remote lubrication.

Column and Base

One-piece fabricated column is stress relieved before machining.  Designed with a very large throat opening to accommodate any type of feed system.

Arbor and Bearings

Arbors are turned from high grade alloy steel that is heat-treated and stress relieved.  The top arbor is non-rotating.  Wheels have double spherical roller bearings, adapter mounted.


·         6’ and 7’ overhung wheels

·         Simple high strain system

·         Digital strain readout display

·         Cast or fabricated wheels

·         Large throat opening

·         Single, twin, quad and horizontal applications

·         Low maintenance

·         Self-contained hydraulic power for strain, tilt and guard

·         Fixed or 2, 3 or infinite position top guide

·         Fixed or setting units




PDF: NM-MA-30-ETwin-QuadBandmills

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