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Edwards Chip Screen
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Edwards Wood Chip Screen


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Edger Optimisers | Optimized Edger Systems

Code: NM-MA-15-EOptimizedEdgerSystems
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High performance edger systems offer fast, reliable and accurate sawing, while new technologies extend system  capabilities to improve downstream processes.

Collaboration, Innovation and Evolution

The collaboration of Newnes Machine and McGehee Equipment in 1996 led to a revolution in the processing of wood fibre into lumber.  Experience and expertise combined with input from our customers, has resulted in a line of edger systems that have evolved over the years.  Our early systems continue to operate, meeting daily production requirements and recovery expectations.  New innovations in mechanical designs, optimisation and controls refine the process and increase the performance of our systems.


We continually improve on designs and apply the latest technology to our products to ensure they meet the needs of our customers.  One example is the recent release of visual defect scanning to our transverse edger and trimmer systems.  This innovation results in greater volume and value recovery and improved handling.


Our unique ability to offer complete systems from a single source, ongoing support, continuous upgrades and performance enhancing improvements, is what sets us apart in the marketplace.


SGII Charger Table

A key element of the Newnes-McGehee Transverse edger system is the SGII charger table.  It accurately positions flitches at very high cycle rates.


The unique design of this table features individually controlled chargers or ‘G’ frames, that clamp each piece from top and bottom and lift it onto the feed chain.  Top and bottom clamping maintains accuracy on hard to handle thin, irregular or curve sawn pieces.   Alternate or multiple chargers can be used to suit the specific material being fed.  “Just-in-time” charger stroking is governed by piece width and length.  Hold down rolls maintain the position of the piece into the edger’s feed system.


The McGehee board edger is offered in a top single arbor configuration, with 2 to 8 shifting saws.  This machine is designed to provide reliable, fast and accurate sawing.


RoboGuide Edger


The Optimised Linear Edger System offers simplicity in operation and maintenance.  The system eliminates the need to position flitches through the use of the McGehee RoboGuide™ Edger.


The flitch is placed onto a rollcase feeder that accelerates the piece onto a linear scanner conveyor.  The piece passes through the laser scanner and continues on to the Edger while the optimiser outputs the board solution.  The feed chains hold the flitch in position as it travels through the sawbox.


With the linear system, the McGehee Edger is configured with the revolutionary RoboGuide system that angels the saws and at the same time moves them along the arbor.  This unique ability to position the saws makes it possible to have them follow any cutline solution established by the optimiser.


With the addition of an optional wane sensor and board turner upstream of the feeder, the boards can be turned for reman decisions automatically.




PDF: NM-MA-15-EOptimizedEdgerSystems

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