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Edger Infeeds & Outfeeds | SGII Charger Table

Code: NM-MA-19-ESGIIChargerTable
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Edgers  >  Edger Infeeds & Outfeeds

The Super-GII charger table is the center piece of the Newnes-McGehee optimised transverse edger line.  It positions flitches accurately at very high cycle rates.  The positioning system eliminates edge crush to maximise recovery.

Top and bottom clamping maintains accuracy on hard to handle thin, irregular or curve sawn pieces.  It avoids the mis-positioning and jamming of side clamping.


Our charger table has evolved over time to keep pace with the industry’s demand for higher speeds and increased accuracy.  The unique design of our positioning table features individually controlled G-frames that pick and position material onto the sharp chain of the center line feed arrangement.  Accurate feeding of all types of material is assured by precision hold down rolls with adjustable alignment, feed chain running on Endura™ nylon chainbeds and the overall rigid frame construction.


The SGII is designed and built to keep maintenance to a minimum and to make operation efficient and practical.  Most machine adjustments, plumbing and wiring are easily accessible along the maintenance side.


Highly developed control logic provides ‘smart’, high speed operation


·         Alternate or multiple charges used to suit material,

·         Just-in-time charger stroking, governed by piece width and length

·         User-friendly machine set-up and troubleshooting


Simplifying installations is a priority.  To keep set-uptime to a minimum we deliver the positioning table with pre-plumbed positioner hydraulics and complete pre-wiring to block I/O injunction boxes.


Features and Benefits:


·        High production rates with all types of material

·        Unique positioning technique eliminates edge crush

·        Improved charger system design allows significantly smoother operation and higher speeds.

·        The SGII positioning table is pre-plumbed and pre-wired to ensure fast, trouble-free installation

·        Precise position with all types of material (curve sawn, small sizes)

·        Good machine accessibility simplifies maintenance


PDF: NM-MA-19-ESGIIChargerTable

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