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IWD Tital VK-10 Strapping Machine
Code: 2186

AUD $22,000 SPECIAL Strapping Machine, Height 3400mm - Width 2100mm


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Chippers | Norman Disc Chipper

Code: MA-33-ENormanDiscChipper
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Chip, Sawdust & Bark  >  Chippers

The exclusive, tested design of the USNR Norman Chipper is bringing greater profits to chip manufacturers around the world. Truly uniform chips are the result of the USNR Norman Chipper’s continuous cutting action that makes it the only chipper of its kind!

Highest Quality Chips

The helical knives of the USNR Norman Chipper slice uniform chips instead of scraping them from the stock, eliminating sawdust, slivers, and oversize split ends.  The Norman design, termed the greatest development in chippers since their origin, has multiple helically ground faces which give a continuous cutting action similar to the advance of a propeller in water: chips are cut to uniform length along the whole length of the knife.

Fastest Feed Rates

In addition to high chip quality, this chipper design has an output capacity exceeding all others on the market.  USNR Norman chippers have produced up to 125 units per hour with wood stock traveling through the dick at rates up to 800 lineal feet per minute.

 Special Features

·         Available in either bottom or top (blower) discharge, horizontal or drop feed

·         Chipper disc is dynamically balanced

·         Critical wearing surfaces of knife holders, anvils and anvil inserts are hard-chrome-plated or hard-faced for long life

·         Chipper is mounted on a solid steel base plate for maximum rigidity and stability; integral base for driving motor is optional

·         Bearings are standard SKF spherical roller type with large reserve capacity, providing a long rated life; they can be replaced without removing the disc

·         Chipper haft is manufactured from 1040 steel

·         Maintenance is simplified by making all parts interchangeable and by carefully balancing all replaceable disc parts (both wear and non-wear parts)



PDF: MA-33-ENormanDiscChipper

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