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IWD Tital VK-10 Strapping Machine
Code: 2186

AUD $22,000 SPECIAL Strapping Machine, Height 3400mm - Width 2100mm


Name: Geoff Strang

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Cell: +64 274 304 981
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Chippers | Forano Disc Chipper

Code: MA-32-EForanoDiscChipper
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Chip, Sawdust & Bark  >  Chippers

The USNR Forano Disc Chipper is available in four sizes and three configurations to meet your specific wastewood processing requirements.  Each model can also accomodate bottom, rear and top discharge for maximum flexibility.

Horizontal Feed Chipper

The most basic configuration processes logs and wastewood slabs without requiring a special installation layout.

Drop Feed Chipper

Gravity feeding handles high volumes of round logs or trim blocks.  The spout helps align the material and packs it tightly together to produce high-quality chips.

“J”-Spout Chipper

This is essentially a high-capacity wastewood chipper equipped with a very short spout.  Its large “J”-shaped opening is generally fed by a vibrating conveyor that provides automatic self-feeding even through the most difficult surges.


PDF: MA-32-EForanoDiscChipper

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