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Newnes 65 Bins Trim Sort Stack Line
Code: 1375

· Ex Planermill · Hemco Scanner · Hemco trimmer RH · Grade stamper · 65 Bay Bin Sorter · Soft Let Down Arms on Bins · Newnes Stacker, end squeeze · Packaging Station with Signode Strapper with a plastic head · New in 1989 · All package transfer equipment and operators control consoles · Some of the equipment has already been removed.


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Chippers | (NEW) ERJO Type HSM Chipper Range Horizontal Feed

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As agents of ERJO, we are proud to provide:

ERJO Type HSM Horizontal Feed Chipper Range

The ERJO Horizontal Feed Chipper Range produces pulp and board chips as well as fuel chips from edgings, slabs and trimmings. The machines are available in three (3) styles:
• Type HSMF – with fan for long blow distances
• Type HSMU – with guided hood for short blow distances
• Type HSMB – with bottom discharge

These chippers have may common features, including:
• Infeed System
• Adjustable knife support system for different chip lengths
• Screen cassette system for re-chipping of oversized chips
• Simple and heavy-duty design
• Low maintenance costs
• Long service life
• Leakproof design gives a clean working environment and a fire proof installation

PDF: Image_ERJO-HSM_ERJO_Tyoe_HSM_Horizontal_Feed_Cheipper_Range_Weblisting-112615

PDF: Image_Broschyr_ERJO_HSM_eng-112614

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