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Bruks 820 CM Chipper
Code: 2184

BRUKS stationary drum chippers are processing different kinds of input materials, like logs, slabs, sawmill wastes, butt ends, veneer wastes and other industrial wood wastes in all wood industry segments.


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Chippers | Optimised Chipper Spout

Code: MA-28-EOptimisedChipperSpout
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Chip, Sawdust & Bark  >  Chippers

In a continued commitment to innovation, USNR has implemented several design changes to the Forano style chipper spout that improve chip quality and reduce maintenance costs.


·         The bottom plate of the spout has been lowered to create a recess for the vibrating conveyor extension.  This allows for a smooth transition between components.

·         Evacuation holes have been added to the bottom plate to minimize any accumulation of debris between the spout and the conveyor extension.  This reduces the possibility of lockage at the chipper entrance and increases the life expectancy of the vibrating conveyor components.

·         The left side of the spout has been widened allowing the conveyor extension to line up perfectly with the inspection door.  This preserves the angle of the spout (37.5º) and greatly improves the flow of material.

·         Improvements in material flow optimise the quality of chips and reduce the amount of slivers.

·         The optimised spout is designed for Forano type chippers that are fed by vibrating conveyors.

PDF: MA-28-EOptimisedChipperSpout

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