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Chip Screens | Super Chip Screen

Code: MA-19-ESuperChipScreen
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Chip, Sawdust & Bark  >  Chip Screens

The USNR Super Chip Screen makes a great addition to your mill to take advantage of an important source of income: wood chips. The Super Chip Screen requires minimal maintenance, so you can spend your time and budget elsewhere.


Excellent Performance

Up to 50% faster rotary speed results in better material agitation.  That means you get improved separation, especially for small chips.

Reliable Operation

Very few moving parts means very few parts to wear out.  This is low-maintenance you can count on!

Reliable Operation

Just drop the Super Chip Screen in place and let it go to work.  A wide range of standard discharge spouts makes it easy to integrate with other equipment in your mill.


PDF: MA-19-ESuperChipScreen

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