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Super Chip Screen
Code: MA-19-ESuperChipScreen

The USNR Super Chip Screen makes a great addition to your mill to take advantage of an important source of income: wood chips. The Super Chip Screen requires minimal maintenance, so you can spend your time and budget elsewhere.


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Complete Sawmill | Complete Sawmill

Code: 1363
Category:  Sawmilling  >  Used Equipment  >  Sawmills  >  Complete Sawmill

Complete sawmill.

Can sell seperately (see items 1356 to 1362).


Species: Softwood Spruce and Fir

Log sizes: From 4” to 35” dia. and from 8’ to 20’

Lumber sizes: From 1x3 to 2x10 from 6’ to 20’

Capacity: 475,000 bf per shift with a canter-twin and a carriage sawlines

Canter-Twin: 375,000 bf per shift

Carriage: 100,000 bf per shift

Log Count: 5,000 logs at the canter-twin and 1,500 logs at the carriage per shift

Lumber Count: At trimmer/sorter/stacker 140 pieces/minute

Power Supply: 480 volts, 3 phases, 60 hertz

MCCs: Mostly Allen-Bradley and Reliance Electric

VFDs: To be confirmed

Caution: the longest lumber that this mill produced was 18’ due to limitation at the log infeed, it is our understanding that all inside mill machinery can process 20’ lumber



Long Log Bucking system:

Prentice 610 Log Loader

Log deck with twin cutoff saws each 52” dia., c/w 40HP drive, star kicker to 2 hot ponds and total of 100’ of hour glass rolls 36” wide


Hot Ponds:

Linden Single acting step Feeder

20’ by 16’ log side lift with drive, near new

Steam to hot pond water heat exchanger with assorted pumping and filter equipment


Log Debarkers: 35” Nicholson A1 1975, ring 6 tool arms, good running condition

25” Valon Kone with self-centering infeed 1993 new, with retro-fitted ring in 2003, very good

24” Cambio, 1976 retro-fitted in 1992, looks good


Canter-Twin Sawline: Kockums 6’ Twin band saws 1981 shop rebuilt by USNR in 2005

Top wheels measured at outfeed Right 7/8” thick, Left 13/16” thick

Bottom Wheels measured at outfeed, Right 1 1/8” thick, Left 1 1/16”

Manual log rotation with chains

New Iggesund chipping heads 2005

New Autolog scanner and controls new in 2004

Operator cabin with all controls

Motors, Band saws 2 x 200HP, Chipping heads 2 x 150HP

Could include chip handling system exclusive to this line, HP blower feeder, scalp rolls, screw conveyors and feeder (nice)


Carriage Head Rig: Albany1976/Cleerman2007, 4 knees, temposonics, new in 2007

Carriage and track reconditioned at that time as well

Carriage Drive and a spare

Hydraulic Log Turner

Key Knife, CME slabber,

Light curtain scanner

Albany head bandsaw double cut 6’ 1976, wheels and track good/very good

Operator cabin, needs new controls




  1. Left hand Coe, 20’ optimized 3 saw edger c/w reman head,1996 200 hp top arbor, 200 hp Top Chipping Head Coe Detec Scanner,  Automatic Board Tailer


  1. Right Hand, Newnes 20’ optimized 3 saw edger c/w reman head, 1998, Newnes Scanner, updates 2004, 30” wide retec, 900 FPM, could be faster but top chip head limits, 20” diameter saws.  Top Arbor, 200 HP, Chip head 200 HP Scanner Serial# 98-281-DO, Scanner Model E-LOPT19-01 Automatic board tailer


  1. Gang-Edger:  Newnes-McGehee 12”x48” double arbor curve sawing 1998, Left Hand Optimization by Newnes 1998 updated in 2004, transverse scanning system.  All infeed and outfeed decks for 20’, side board drip out system.  Has 4 sawing zones and can saw several thickness at the same time.  Some filing room equipment available, guide dresser, babbit moulds, etc.  Parts of an upgrade package purchased in 2007 incl press rolls, valves, new arbor.  Operator cabin with all controls.  Good selection of saw guides available.  Bottom Gang Arbor, 2 x 350 HP.  Top Gang Arbor, 2 x 250 HP.  Chipping heads, 2 x 200 HP.


Left Hand optimized Trimmer:

Single board unscrambler 2000

Newnes Revolver lug loader 2000

PHL Industries 20’ high speed trimmer 200 c/w 11 motorized saws 7.5hp (saws adjustable – see pics, note 316 for motor specs)

D-TEX 20’ optimization, scanner DTec T.O., 4-95

3 Position fences


Sling Sorter: 48 bays Sling Sorter, pusher lug 1992

Bottom chain transfers

Stacker: 20’ Huot, high speed stacker single forks 2003, 8’ wide green packages

Automatic sticker placer 2003

Automatic sticker feed and self-loading on forks

PLC sticker lug loader, for 8’ kiln sticks (8’ wide green packages)


Double 8’ hoist for 8’wide x 6’high packages

3” x 1” x 8’ stickers every 2’


Chipper, Screen, Blowers: Kockums 96” bottom discharge chipper

BM&M 10’ x 20’ chip screen

Holmes chip blowers with Rader rotary valves feeders


Hog System:

1 section 42” trough conveyor to hog, 130’ with belt and drive

1 short section 42 flat belt conveyor to hog

Metal Detector

1 section 24” belt conveyor from hog, missing some rolls, no belt

Gruendler Hammer Hog 2 (one is parts only) Model 50XD, 1976, M5140, 500hp 685rpm


Planner mill: Woods 501M planer installed in 1965

Hydraulics upgraded in 1997

CNC Controls upgraded in 2002

New tilt hoist and infeed transfers

Missing Pineapple infeed table

Irvington Moore trimmer 1965 with upgraded full PLC controls

Cut in two capability

22 Bay sling sorter 2001

Chip Bins: Four (4) bottom discharge chip bins for truck loading

Kiln Dryers: # 1 to # 6 Moore 330,000 bf capacity

#7 Moore 145,000 bf capacity

#8, #9 Moore 350,000 bf capacity

Bark Boiler: SOLD

Sawdust Boiler, Dillon Boiler Services 1963, sawdust boiler, 15psi

Oil fired boiler,


Also available: All transfers, conveyors, over heads cranes, walkways, stairs

PDF: Image_Drawing-31691

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