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LSI Stacker
Code: 1394

LSI Stacking system including: Unscrambler Singulator High Low Chain Alternate ending Adjustable layer maker Layer forks Hoist Outfeed Packet Deck Electrics and controls Building The stacker and building is available for immediate sale and removal The plant is available for inspection and price is negotiable.


Name: Donna Neil

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Optimisation | Addvantage Chop Saw

Code: NM-OP-03-EAddVantageChopSaw
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Remanufacturing  >  Optimisation

Four-sided, multi-channel vision detects tight vs loose knots, cracks, shake, stain, grain
angle and color.


Our scanner is designed to front an optimised chop saw for the rough mill in the secondary, or reman industry.  The AddVantage is equally capable of processing softwoods and hardwoods.

It replaces marking by crayons, offers full optimisation of fixed and random lengths and increases value by more precise measuring and grading.

What’s the Advantage?

AddVantage scans wood with multiple technologies for precise geometric measurements and the detection of natural and manufacturing defects.  By identifying and classifying grading characteristics such as wane, cracks, knots and stain, AddVantage determines the cuts which will result in the highest value recovery from the boards.

AddVantage provides high resolution scanning at speeds up to 600 feet per minute, and can perform optimisation for single and multiple sawing lines in softwood and hardwood applications.

The AddVantage Rip Scan Optimiser is also available.  It scans wide boards and flitches to determine the optimum rip board combinations.  Both products use the same proven frame and sensor package design.



PDF: NM-OP-03-EAddVantageChopSaw

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