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HBS 840 Hogger
Code: 2129

HBS 840 Hogger Ex demonstration machine, like new Has been running approx. 25 hours Technical data: Capacity m³/h: 45 - 75 m³ Motor power: 45 - 75 kW Inlet: 840 x 670 mm Outlet: 780 x 715 mm Rotation speed: 1040 rpm Number of flails: 64


Name: Jonathan McLachlan

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Optimisation | AddVantage Rip Saw Optimiser

Code: NM-OP-02-EAddVantageRipSaw
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Remanufacturing  >  Optimisation

Scans wide boards and flitches to determine the optimum rip and chop combination.


For value-added solid wood processors who want to add optimisation to their rip saw process, the AddVantage Rip Saw is a laser and vision based scanner system that can classify most wood characteristics and optimise for the highest value cut solution.

The newest member of the AddVantage family of scanners, the rip saw unit utilizes the same industry-leading optimisation technologies proven in our chop saw scanner.  AddVantage Rip Saw provides the ability to integrate the rip and chop processes for better control of production and priority products in an active cutlist.  The AddVantage scanners are equally capable of processing softwoods and hardwoods.

What’s the Advantage?

AddVantage scans wood with multiple technologies for precise geometric measurements and the visual detection of natural and manufacturing defects.  By identifying and classifying grading characteristics, AddVantage determines the cuts which will result in the highest value recovery.

AddVantage Rip Saw uses a common database with our AddVantage chop scanner for product and machine set-up, and the production cutlist to operate the system.  For operations that integrate multiple machine centers this provides a feedback loop for controlling cutlist prioritization, with database control from any machine workstation.  Rip scan logic encompasses chop scan logic for every board solution, achieving the best value optimisation in support of the mill’s cutting requirements.

The AddVantage Chop Saw Optimiser is also available.  Both products use the same proven frame and sensor package design.


PDF: NM-OP-02-EAddVantageRipSaw

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