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SOLD - Computermatic Stress Grader (Mk V) - SOLD
Code: 2193

The machine is designed to accept timber of a common cross section but random lengths (practical minimum 1.8m) and, in a single pass, allocate a strength grade.


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Press, Strap & Packaging | Paper Feeder and Cutter

Code: E-098 Paper Feeder Cutter
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Press, Strap & Packaging

USNR's paper feeder and cutter is designed to dispense and cut to length the correct amount of paper to wrap a package of lumber.

The paper feeder cutter control system allows for automatic or manual operation.  The standard machine holds 4 rolls of paper wrap on its storage rack.  Two to six feed rolls can be supplied as an option for customers who require multiple sizes of wrapping material.  A feed roll and press roll provide a smooth and positive feed while the paper hold clamp bar combined with the cutter provide an accurate and square cut.


·         Operator friendly and safe design

·         Jog switch to feed paper without affecting preset paper length

·         Automatic paper release after cut allowing operator to wrap without returning to the console

·         Adjustable cutter limits

·         Cuts all commercial lumber wrapping material available at present

·         Accurate dispensed length minimizes excess waste and saves time


PDF: Image_E-098_Paper_Feeder_Cutter-96588

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