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Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines - 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines
Code: 1376

Two Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines Two 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines


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Press, Strap & Packaging | Hydraulic Endpress

Code: NM-MA-26-EEndpress
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Press, Strap & Packaging

Newnes-McGehee's hydraulic endpress is available in several designs to suit various flow plans and operating systems,

Such as:

·         Package infeed from one, both sides, or end;

·         Strapper located with endpress frame inboard strapper);

·         Strapper located outside endpress frame, but within one package length of fixed gate; and

·         Strapper located more than one package length downstream.


All operating sequences can be automated.  Our hydraulic endpress can be installed into existing production systems.


·         Heavy duty construction

·         Manual override controls on semi-automatic systems

·         Carriage drive system slow down before the package is pressed

·         Lift or slide gate operation


PDF: NM-MA-26-EEndpress

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