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Edwards Wood Chip Screen


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Trimmers & Sorters | Grade Station Systems

Code: NM-MA-12-EGradeStationSystemsa
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Trimmers & Sorters

Newnes –McGehee’s Grade Station system offers “hands free” grading eliminating fatigue and injury from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Boards are lifted out of a lug, parked in front of the grader momentarily, then turned and parked once again. Graders evaluate the board while stationary, then the board is returned to the lugged transfer.

All functions are electro-mechanically driven (no hydraulics so no messy oil) and maintenance is minimal.

“Stand alone” control system for easy installations into new or existing sorter control systems.  Discrete I/O to PLC makes communications simple.

The number of stations can be set to match production speeds.  Each station can process 30 pieces per minute, (the most effective speed for grading).  Four stations can process 120 PPM.


PDF: NM-MA-12-EGradeStationSystemsa

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