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Weinig H22 BL Planer
Code: 2199

Weinig H22 BL 8 Heads, B,L,R,L,T,B,T,B B-Bottom T-Top L-Left R-Right The last bottom head was used for splitting - Manufactured 1985 - Mach# 1859-688


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Trimmers & Sorters | Accu-Trim Trimmer

Code: MA-05-EAccu-TrimLineShaft
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Trimmers & Sorters

The USNR Accu-Trim Line-Shaft Trimmer is one of the most robust trimmers on the market with the ability to position saws at one-foot increments.  The Accu-Trim Line-Shaft Trimmer has a proven track record achieving 160+ LPM in sawmills and 200+ LPM in planermills.

Enhanced Line-Shaft Design 

The Line-Shaft Trimmer was recently redesigned to address the main concerns associated with a single motor configuration.  Each saw-ladder now comes pre-fitted with a spare belt to enable quick replacement when belts break during operation, and all belts and sheaves are fully enclosed to minimize damage caused by trim blocks or other debris.  In addition, quick-connect couplings between saws on the main shaft facilitate belt changes during scheduled maintenance.

The USNR Accu-Trim Line-Shaft trimmer is designed to be the cleanest, quietest, and easiest to maintain trimmer on the market.


PDF: Image_MA-05-EAccu-TrimLine-ShaftTrimmer-29319

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