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Code: NM-MA-18-ETransfersandRollcases
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Newnes-McGehee provides a variety of transfers and rollcases. All units are designed for fast, smooth and accurate movement.

The transfers are designed to meet the varying requirements and configurations of our customers’ equipment lines.

The standard roll design uses taper lock bushings for joining rolls to roll shafts.  This allows for a shaft to be easily replaced if damaged.  Rolls are typically serpentine driven from a 90º gear box.  This allows rolls to ramp up and down with lugged transfer speeds.  On long roll cases an overriding clutch is used to protect the chain and gear box from damage when the system stops suddenly.  Large diameter roller lugs are used on transfers which require a board to shift relative to chains.

The transfers and rollcases designed by Newnes-McGehee allow for the utmost flexibility in system layout.  We have solutions throughout the mill for challenges that curve sawn wood may present.


PDF: NM-MA-18-ETransfersandRollcasesa

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