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Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines - 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines
Code: 1376

Two Newnes 20RH Trimmer Lines Two 80 Bin Newnes Sorter Lines


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Trimmers & Sorters | Sling Sorter

Code: MA-44-ESlingSorter
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Trimmers & Sorters

USNR Sling Sorters feature simple, flexible designs that can be customized to handle a mill's specific needs. USNR Sling Sorters are available in three styles: Drag Chain, J-Bar and Pusher Lug. All USNR Sling Sorters are suitable for green or dry applications.

Reliable operation: 

USNR Sling Sorters can achieve speeds of 120+ LPM consistently, while maintaining a smooth and reliable operation.  When used in conjunction with USNR’s new Sorter Tally System, you get unprecedented flexibility and control over the entire sorting process.


·         Proven piece counts at 120+ LPM

·         Green or dry applications

·         Single or double pack capacities

·         Air operated chain take-ups

·         Dual acting tipples for high speed

·         Automatic sling disconnect/reconnect


PDF: MA-44-ESlingSortera

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