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Newnes 65 Bins Trim Sort Stack Line
Code: 1375

· Ex Planermill · Hemco Scanner · Hemco trimmer RH · Grade stamper · 65 Bay Bin Sorter · Soft Let Down Arms on Bins · Newnes Stacker, end squeeze · Packaging Station with Signode Strapper with a plastic head · New in 1989 · All package transfer equipment and operators control consoles · Some of the equipment has already been removed.


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Trimmers & Sorters | Bin Sorter

Code: MA-03-EBinSorter
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Trimmers & Sorters

Drag Chain, J-Bar and Pusher Lug

USNR Bin Sorters feature smart, flexible designs that can be customized to handle a mill's specific needs.  USNR Bin Sorters are available in three styles:  Drag Chain, J-Bar and pusher Lug.  All USNR Bin Sorters are suitable for green or dry applications.

Custom Design:  Each USNR Bin Sorter is custom designed to handle the mill’s specific packages going to the stacker.  Vertically indexing, sloped bottom lumber storage bins can be set on mill defined bay centers to accommodate product specifications.

Smooth Operation:  Soft Sort Arms are used for a softer infeed of lumber to the sorter bin, and Soft Release Arms are used for a gentle discharge of lumber to the haul-out chains.  This low impact handling means less damage to the lumber and less wear and tear on machinery.

Proven High Piece-Count:  We’ve demonstrated consistent piece counts in excess of 200+ lugs per minute.

Smart Features:  A Vertical Hydraulic Lift Mechanism automatically indexes the lumber storage bins to maintain a maximum distance of 12-18 inches that boards will fall.  The hydraulics are enclosed and positioned up and out of the way.  Steel tubing has replaced many of the hydraulic hoses – resulting in a cleaner and safer workplace.

User-Friendly Tally System:  USNR’s Bin Sorter Tally System is entirely PC based, receiving information directly from the PLC and presenting it in an intuitive format.  The standard program works with most control systems and is completely customizable.  This stand-alone program needs no extra licensing like some other HMI based programs.


PDF: MA-03-EBinSortera

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