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SOLD - Computermatic Stress Grader (Mk V) - SOLD
Code: 2193

The machine is designed to accept timber of a common cross section but random lengths (practical minimum 1.8m) and, in a single pass, allocate a strength grade.


Name: Donna Neil

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Tilthoists & Infeeds | Beam Style Tilt Hoist

Code: NM-MA-24-ETiltHoist
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Tilthoists & Infeeds

The Newnes-McGehee beam style tilt hoist is made with heavy duty knees and is designed and constructed for rugged use.  It features an hydraulic cylinder hoist for precise indexing of packages without mechanical clutches or brakes.

The standard beam style tilt hoist system consists of an infeed transfer, tilt hoist, spill transfer, stick handling system and control console.

Many degrees of automation are available for this machine, including:

·         Automatic moving of packages into the lift position,

·         Automatic package tilting and spilling, and

·         Automatic resetting of the lift knees to the pickup mode.

This tilt hoist can be installed into existing production lines.


·         A two-speed hydraulic hoist for fast tilt or return, for low cycle times

·         Sheeted tilt platform to reduce damage to stickers

·         Constant hoist speed from top to bottom of travel for accurate indexing control



·         Knee skewing to allow long and short packages to spill level to outfeed transfer.



PDF: NM-MA-24-ETiltHoist

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