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Code: 2105

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Stackers | Slant Hopper Stick Placer

Code: NM-MA-10-ESlantHopperStickPlacer
Category:  Sawmilling  >  New Equipment  >  Planermills  >  Stackers

Newnes-McGehee (NM) stick placing equipment has evolved since
inception in the 1960’s to include development of the Slant Hopper
Stick Placer. Utilizing the best features of the previous models and
incorporating a new stick placing mechanism, NM has designed a
stick placer that has become very popular in the industry.

The fully automated system eliminates the many health and safety issues associated with manual stick placing.

The system includes stick bunks, stick unscrambler, infeed section, stick allocator, hopper filler.  All components are tuned for consistently high performance.  A control system creates gaps for unused sticks to be recirculated ensuring constant stick delivery to the hoppers at very high speed.

Large sections of the system are assembled, pre-wired and tested prior to shipping.  The innovative, open design of the stick placer gives operators and maintenance personnel unprecedented access to the vital areas of the machine.  Positive placement of sticks ensures well aligned, stable kiln loads.  The entire system can be built to operate without using hydraulic components.

Features and Benefits:

·         Improved speed and throughput

·         Replaces manually fed systems, reduces potential for worker injuries

·         Open hopper design simplifies maintenance through improved accessibility

·         Simple stick placement prevents sticks standing on edge and reduces potential product damage

·         Uses small, energy efficient air components

·         Requires no hydraulics posing less risk to environment

·         Eliminates bad sticks at pass through gauge increasing equipment uptime

·         Accurately places 1½” sticks on 2’-0” centers allowing higher kiln recovery, less deformation, less staining, less stick breakage


PDF: NM-MA-10-ESlantHopperStickPlacera

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